Baby, you’re a grown ass woman
Why you letting them think for you

Good night.

The belt makes it.
Not a fan of hoodies… but I want this.
Anonymous: I just found your blog a few weeks ago and i have to say im a huge fan! Keep up the good work. Im a male university student and im trying to put together a new back to school wardrobe. Im leaning on a dapper back to school look. Think you could show me some more laidback high end dapper fashion to add to my wardrobe?


Hmm dapper back to school… check out Topman / J. Crew? It’s fall so I’m inclined to go for a darker look (lots of navy and black is my personal preference), but add a bit of colour where you are comfortable. Mustard yellow has been killing it lately, so maybe give that a try. Socks, belts, and watches are nice places to differentiate yourself. :-)

Good luck!